Corporate Magic

Are you planning your Next Corporate Event? Maybe you are trying to sort out those final details for a Trade Show. Why not hire an Experienced Professional Close-Up Magician.

Corporate Events

Hiring a magician can help to make your next event one which is truly memorable, for all those involved. With Adam the aim is not to fool but to entertain, not steal the spotlight but to help your event shine. The magic is close-up and intimate. No cameras or “trick photography” but an experience you and your guests are involved in from the very start.

Trade Shows

Anyone with experience in trade shows knows that it is essential to;

  • Make your Booth Approachable – It’s my job to approach people or draw a crowd, to make them feel comfortable enough to spend some time with me. I can guarantee that I will attract people to your exhibit. Not only that but I can make sure that by the time I pass them on to your hosts they are smiling, happy and more open to your pitch.
  • Choose the right Hosts – Think of me as another host, I’m the starter and you are the main course. Imagine how many people get missed because hosts are busy with a possible client. I’m there to keep those people engaged, to make sure they don’t walk away before you’ve had a chance to sell your business.
  • Promotional products and gift giveaways – I can build your giveaways into my performance and build tricks around them. After all you’re more likely to keep that free pen when you’ve seen the impossible done with it.
  • Get maximum exposure – I can help create high volumes of people and help get your business noticed

I have thousands of hours of experience performing at weddings, parties, restaurants and trade shows. Most importantly I’m able tailor my show to suit your company or ideal customer as it is my aim to represent your company to the best of my ability.